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We work to be your "one-stop" Service provider for Product Design, Development, Quality and Regulatory Services. And our motto well summarizes — it begins in ourselves — it's our mindset — who we are — and how we do what we do. It ends as our committment to you, our valued Clients &Customers. This is a "proven formula" for success, in this case yours and ours!
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L E A D E R S H I P. ™


I + S + V + E + I = L!™

“I have worked with quite a number of engineering and management professionals throughout my career….Mr. LeMahieu is among the top three or four individuals in that group. The Walt Medical team is a similar group, and I highly recommend them all. At this company or the next, I look forward to working with them.“

VP Business Development, Electro-mechanical Programmable Cosmetic Device Startup

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Expert or Advanced

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Walt Medical's most highly experienced professionals have declared and confirmed Expert or Advanced skills and capabilities, for your convenience via phone, televideo conference (WebEx®, Skype® or onsite. We will effectively address your critical questions in our areas of expertise.

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Concept thru Market(TM)

Walt Medical offers highly experienced Specialists with declared and confirmed Expert, Advanced or Competent skills and capabilities, for a wide variety of contract engagements—Product types, Companies, and Users/Uses, etc. We effectively define then execute projects to your requirements.

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Competent to Experienced

Walt Medical engages and develops the best talent available in the industry, in our core competencies. Seasoned veterans, or cost-effective resources including new talent, with latest skills, creativity and energy. Half-time (HT) or full-time (FT). Contract-to-Hire. We meet your staffing needs, quickly and cost-effectively!*

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With Leading Technologies


Walt Medical is developing Product lines that compliment our Business, and meet unmet needs of our Clients' and Customers'.

We sell a novel Quality Management System portfolio for Regulated Industries, and "standardized" Quality & Engineering solutions.

We will continue to design, develop, acquire and sell/distribute novel Products as opportunities present — to provide substantial value and Service to our Customers — and reasonable profit and return to shareholders.

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